We create strategies that deliver growth and we ensure your team is on the same tack.


For you to move forward you need to know where you are now so we use evaluation, research and measurement to understand the current health of your sponsorship program.  To do this we: 

  • Examine key documents including your current strategy, plans, contracts, measurement metrics and results

  • Have your team complete a series of questions to find out if everyone is on the same page

  • Facilitate a Critical Success Factor (CSF) workshop with your team, the outcome of which will be a clear understanding of the elements on which your property is built and their relative strengths

  • Talk to stakeholders including property representatives, communication agencies, employees, participants and customers to find out what they think.

We gather and present data and outcomes with strategies to improve the performance of your program.



Sponsorships can be used tactically to deliver short term organisational goals or strategically to support longer term objectives.  Either way, developing an over-arching structure and embedding it through your organisation will be critical to its success.

We aim to develop a deep understanding of your organisation, why you have chosen third party assets to assist growth, and how effective they've been.  We consider the key purpose of the sponsorship property, your budget, the resources you have to manage it, the outcomes you're looking for and the metrics you will use to measure success.

Having got to the heart of your business, we utilise market intelligence and our knowledge of the landscape to either optimise what you do or create a new program that will better deliver your objectives.

You may be unaware of, or unable to maximise, the potential of sponsorship to drive growth. We help you focus on what you need to do to make your sponsorship program a success.

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