XOCO provides an end to end representation service allowing you to concentrate on what you're good at.

Property audit

With clear market knowledge and acquired insights, we target properties offering the right assets with the right audience in the right places. 

We match brand personalities and values and ensure governance practices, client service, measurement methodology and community footprints are right for our clients.

Negotiation and contracting

Robust and mutually beneficial agreements build long term relationships and produce a better experience for participants, fans and consumers.

We identify critical deliverables and, where possible, include Rights of First Offer and/or First Matching Rights for new assets and opportunities.

Rights and obligations

Rights and obligations need to be delivered by all parties throughout the sponsorship term.  These may include a payment schedule of fees, timely supply of product, the development of communication content and the provision of assets. 

We make sure rights and obligations are fulfilled on time and on budget.


We work with hosts to map out a plan for the acquired term, matching games, events and performances with themes and manage the invitation process, catering and guest communications.  We make sure the appropriate people are in place on time and if someone needs some extra love we’ll organise that as well. 

Our hospitality concierge service turns a burden into a blessing.


It's critical that appropriate evaluation strategies are used to measure the success of your program. We clarify goals and their measurement metrics and report against targets at key times during the contract period. 

Organisations have to invest time and resources managing their sponsorship strategy and portfolio. We take on that responsibility for you.

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