Our Name

We wanted to demonstrate the passion for what we do.  And we also wanted to show the things in life (and work) that drive us.  

Remember a more innocent time when we'd sign off a letter with Love and double down with a kiss and a hug - an X and an O?  

And how better for a company to represent its core values of collaboration, community, connection and communication with a simple CO?

So there you have it...XOCO - ex oh co.


We Believe

We believe that the decision to sponsor should be a business decision that helps to deliver organisational objectives. We believe that a sponsorship strategy should be engrained in your culture and be clear to all stakeholders.

And we believe that a clear methodology to measure the return on investment or objectives should be agreed to by you and the sponsored property.

We Know

We know that everything you do says something about your organisation. So, what you sponsor, and how you choreograph it, directly influences your brand message and business outcomes.

To maximise your return on sponsorship investment you have to not only manage but leverage your assets and this will involve spending money beyond your rights fee.

And we know that at their best, sponsorships engage markets and  develop long term, deep-rooted relationships in ways that other forms of marketing just can’t do.


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