XOCO manages your assets and develops innovative and memorable activations that maximises your ROI. 

Asset inventory

You've bought a package of rights and benefits.  These can be hard assets such as signage, tickets and product and digital assets such as logos, content and advertisements.   Agreements may also include access to people, places and hospitality.

Using a cloud-based inventory management platform to which you have full access, XOCO manages your asset inventory.

Leveraging campaigns

XOCO works with organisations to create leveraging campaigns that ignites strategy and makes sense of your property acquisitions.

We bring together a team of talent to create joined up activation plans using the best possible platforms and content that connect  to your market in the most effective way.


We make sure you not only shout it loud but make it memorable.  And we plan your distribution using the most effective media.


Connecting with the community and making a difference to their lives will let people touch your organisation and build positivity and loyalty.

Digital and social

Using digital and social focuses your communication and creates engaging content that your markets will love to spread.

Events and promotions

We create experiences that connect people with your business or brand leaving lasting memories…and shares.

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